As with all mechanical equipment, lifts have a “lifespan”. At some point in time upgrading or modernising your existing lift equipment becomes a necessity. 

Upgrading to the latest technology can improve safety, efficiency, reliability, ride comfort, levelling accuracy and support. A lift modernisation eliminates old and unreliable equipment. Older equipment is prone to breakdowns and may not comply to today’s safety standards. 

Improving safety and having peace of mind are two of the very important key benefits of a modernisation.

Tailored for your requirements, every modernisation is specific to the equipment. This can range from modernising doors and their operating systems, to installing complete open protocol lift control systems.

Below is a list of items commonly replaced or modernised: 

- Lift controllers

- Door operators

- Machines, motors, and power units

- Hydraulics

- Doors, landing fixtures and operating panels

Lift interiors, fixtures, flooring, walls, ceiling and lighting